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Product Update: P2P sending, email reading and more

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Thibald Leonhard
Product Update: P2P sending, email reading and more

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Hi dear mailivery users,

We are proud to announce our latest product update which includes many new and exciting features!
With this update mailivery is now truly the most advanced warm up service on the market, and as a result over the past weeks more than 98% of mailivery emails have gone straight to the inbox.

Here a rundown of what's new:

1. Peer to Peer Sending

P2P Sending has been enabled for a few weeks now and we have ironed out most of the kinks related to emails bouncing and other unintended behavior.
P2P is crucial to providing the best improvement in sending reputation possible so we highly recommend you leave it enabled.

2. Email Reading

Automatic email reading via IMAP is our latest and coolest feature yet. This removes the need for you to set up email filters and instead automatically tags incoming mailivery mails appropriately, reads them, marks them as important and then automatically archives between 1 - 60 minutes later.

For most of you, this is currently not activated, so we encourage you to head to the settings in your dashboard and enable Read Emails. However, make sure when you do this you also deactivate your email filter!!!

3. AI Generated Text

This is another amazing feature that helps improve your reputation as much as possible. Through our API integration with OpenAI's GPT-3 language model, we now generate the content of mailivery emails using artificial intelligence.
For now, we are slowly adding AI generated text to our pool of content, but soon we will be creating a completely unique email content for each interaction in real time!
Incidentally, no other warm up service I am aware of offers anything close to this.

I would also like to encourage you to take a look at our roadmap where you can vote on which features you would like to see next!

You can find it here.


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