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Product Update: Gmail API integration

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Thibald Leonhard
Product Update: Gmail API integration

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Hi dear mailivery users,

We are proud to announce we have implemented an integration with the Gmail API for email sending!

The main benefit of this is that the improvement in sending reputation offered by mailivery is greater, and more consistent.

When connecting new google email accounts you will now be prompted to sign in with google.

For accounts which are currently connected via SMTP we encourage you to head to your dashboard and select settings > connection where you can sign in with google to start sending via the API.

Does this mean you now no longer need to have IMAP and an app specific password active?

Unfortunately not, you still need to keep IMAP and your app specific password active, because the API integration is limited to the scope of email sending.

This is because starting January 2019 access to the advanced scopes of the Gmail API which are necessary to sort emails and move them out of spam folder require a technical audit which can cost up to $75,000.

You can read a discussion about this on Indiehackers here.

Since this is currently not an option for us, emails will continue being moved via IMAP and only sending will be done via the API.

Thank you for your continued support.


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